Monday, November 10, 2008

"FOES" Quit "Movement" for Lack of Forward Motion: Protests NO Protests

This post IS NOT about rescue. We KNOW all the good & necessary work the rescues do. WE ARE NOT BASHING RESCUES! This post is strictly about horse slaughter and the so-called anti-slaughter "movement."

We, Friends of Equines, FOES of Equine Slaughter," are hangin our heads in shame for YOU all who profess to "love the horses" and say you would do "anything" to see their slaughter end, FOES say Goodbye & Thanks for Nothin, from the horses (Oh, we are "horse wisperers, dont you know, they talk to us and are saying, "please try harder and do something MORE to end our slaughter! DO NOT count on the promices of your politicians! We are counting on YOU!")

We are tired after so many years of exhausting our energies trying to compell you all into UNITING for some direct affirmative actions such as continued and consistant peaceful demonstrations and protests across the land. We think the anti-slaughter "movement" is a bunch of sorry-ass, dispassionate, lazy, cowardly sops and that Movement" is a Misnomer for the anti-horse slaughter camp: There are No REAL & TRUE "Die for the Cause" Warriors to be found, just "advocates" advocatin quietley and asking "pretty pleeze," and doing nothing more than faxing, emailing, and going to DC from time to time to "hobnob" with the politicians cause they care about the horses. They most certainly do talk a great line. How much do they care? How bad do they really want to see it end? The anti-Horse- Slaughter Camp "wont budge" from their comfort zones long enough to organize themselves to engage in any real-time physical protests or demos DEMANDING an END to the slaughter that would REALLY change things for the better FAST; fear of "Peta" stigmatation overides,....dont they know that that particular fear can be easily corrected with a simple sign that says:


We Are The Main-Stream Majority of America
We Eat Meat
But not our cats or dogs or horses.

DEMAND an END to Equine Slaughter!
DEMAND an END Right Now!

"The fate of animals is of greater importance to me
than the fear of appearing ridiculous;
- Emile Zola (1840-1902)

Readers Take Note: If this blurb makes you mad, please dont come
flying back flaming at me. Consider that this "nasy goodby" is not
meant for everyone. I realize that there ARE people out there unable
to physically or financially unable to go out and demonstrate and protest all over the place,
and I realize that some of us have family obligations that over-
ride "the cause,"...I also realize that there ARE those of us amongst
us who ARE able to travel and/or go about, or to organize something
locally. Also our anger is directed mainly at the Mother Orgs., whom
we have been asking for help with UNITING US for years, I humbly
ask that when reading this, you consider the above, and determine
for yourself and conclude,...."If the shoe fits, wear it, if it dont
apply then let it fly...."

Thank you.

No "Friends of Equines" for OK Demos?

No Support for Petition that Would REALLY Help Horses

No Help from "The Mother Orgs."

"To stand and do nothing when we should be protesting makes cowards
of us" - A. Lincoln

CJ/MK, Founder
"Friends of Equines FOES of Equine Slaughter"
"Because WE Care Enough to Give Our ALL"

PLEASE NOTE: This is the last we will be posting to any groups except
for our own. We have had it with the so-called "movement." A sorrier bunch of "half-steppers" we never knew! You profess to "care so much" about the horses but you refuse to go "that extra mile" and "move" to organize for some nationwide demonstrations and protests against their slaughter. Horses are dying everyday and they are getting ready to exterminate our wild ones. How long are you gonna wait? Til all is lost? Some dedication, some passion! With "Friends" like you, the horses dont need enemies! By NOT protesting we ARE in effect condoning their slaughter! For shame on you all for not caring enough to go all the way for them. You will never end it the "polite" way.....just keep waiting and maybe in a few more years from now you will come to realize the truth,....but by that time they will have new horse-slaughter plants built all across the USA. You will
never get your bills passed therefore never end the slaughter. There
will always be the pro-slaughter opposition to kill your bills at the very last minute. They will just keep killing your bills year after year just like they are killing our horses,...and you all are "ok" with that? Sorry but "we" are not!We do not put all of our faith & trust in politicians. The horses depend upon US, not the politicians. Again we ask, what are you waiting for? We have the power to stop horse slaughter in its tracks right now....if only you would believe,..its all up to US, NOT the politicians. So what R U gonna do? Same old same old or try somehing new? Anyways, we are through with you. "Friends of Equines" wont be bothering with you all again. We are not about wasting energy on lost causes such as your selfish selves apparently are. Too bad for the horses. They need some REAL fighters on their side, and we dont mean to fight the "polite" or paper wars; their are plenty of so-called "warriors" doing that. They have been doing it for years and look how far they have come (not.) Your "successes" are an illusion, a creation of the standard and usual "DC legerdemain." On this you are betting the lives and future of our American horses? One last warning to you all, get "moving" in the movement before its too late. Do it not for us, but for the horses.

"If you have come to help us, you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your fight is intertwined with ours, you are in the right place and have come at the right time; the right time is NOW, or never."




vicki said...

And exactly what do you think a demonstration is going to do? Every advancement we’ve made has been through legislation. The kill houses were shut down by state laws that were upheld in Texas and a new law in Illinois. The pro camp is doing everything they can to align us with PETA. All you’ll do is give them more ammunition and give them another reason to call us animal terrorists. Many in the movement are rescues and horse men and woman. They work from sun up to sun down. Are you going to take care of their rescues and farm work while they’re out protesting and demonstrating? They do what they can in the precious spare moments they have. The only way we are going to end slaughter is cut it off at the source. Go after the AQHA and ask why they whine about too many unwanted horses and then continue to bring over 135,000 foals into the population every year. The excessive breeding has to stop and demonstrating is not going to curtail the breeding. Brewer now wants to offer an incentive because he fears a shortage in a few years. Which is it – too many or a shortage? QHs are the number one breed going to slaughter. Why isn’t anyone taking them to task? The race tracks have started stepping up with zero tolerance policies, adoption programs and establishing retirement funds. Why not go after them and have them take $1.00 from every admission paid. We can end slaughter but the problems that created the excess of horses will still be there. You have to attack it at both ends.

CJ said...

Vicki, the state wide success were in great part due to grassroots movements by the neighboring communities.....who TOOK IT UPON THEMSELVES and went DEMANDING an end to the "nuisance" of horse slaughter in their neighborhood. There is nothing to stop the pros from building them back up in remote areas. California outlawed horse slaughter in the late 1990s but they are still being illegally transported and the law HAS NEVER been what have we "won?"
You say we have been successful, but we still are the worlds leading exporter of horses for human consumption abroad - and sending more horses than ever to slaughter....if that is victory, I would hate to think of what your idea of losing is!
As to your question of "exactly what do I think a demonstration will do," well first of all I am not talking about ONE demonstration, but a series of them conducted and aimed at "the industrialites wherever and whenever they go,...if you get your "targets" right, you can EMBARASS them in public into "coming round" to our way of thinking, is happening already...Also I repeat as I have always said, for the VERY REASON you stated, that the pro-slaughters are aligning us with "Peta-types," that is why it is SO important to make that distinction (When I do my one-woman demos, I wear a "Im NOT Peta" sign...It is VERY important for them to know that its NOT just Peta against horse slaughter, that it is US main-stream meat-eating Americans too! There are more of us than Peta! Cant you see, we DO have the power to make the "Industrialists" "see the light." I have experienced it for myself. Whenever I appear, they always try to have me removed. Why" Because it BOTHERS them to have someone standing outside of their meetings telling the world all the things about them that would really really rather NOT come out! Imagine the worried look on their faces when the people are informed & educated "right under their noses and the people look up at them in disgust. I have seen where they are so ridden with guilt that they cant look us in the eye. Imagine how the "industrialites" feel when the people embrace us (right in front of their eyes, hug us, ASK for brochures, and shake our hand for being BRAVE enough to come out " a demonstratin'" in public TELLING THE TRUTH about the industry and taking a STAND for the horses.....
You dont go a demonstratin' without a target or a solution to the problem you are address. In my mind, right now, there is only ONE solution and that is to PRESS for INDUSTRY ACCOUNTABILITY NOW and to direct our DEMANDS to the greatest offenders, the Racing Industry (NTRA) and the AQHA, for starters. We should be in Oklahoma now! You are putting all your faith in the legistative process. Well then, let me ask you this. How long did it take it to get this far? I know The first federal bill was introduced by our own Rep John Sweeney, and that was, what, back in mid to late 90's,...and you say we have gotten how far? We have yet to pass any of the three bills in all those years, so how much longer you wanna wait? They pro-slaughers are writing up their plans already for new slaughter plants in the USA, while our own federal gov is getting ready to exterminate the wild ones.
NOW is the time for UNITY and EXTRODINARY (not usual) action.
Extreme times call for extreme measures, dont you think. What will it take to convince you that we cannot wait much longer or al will be lost? You are all a bunch of fools to trust you horses lives, their entire existance, in the hands of politicians. They dont give a rats ass what we want, I dont care what they say or sign. Half of your co-sponsors are on the Pro-slaughter HORSE-PAC take.
The politicians will vote with the money. Like I said, they dont really care about our bill cause it dosent put anything in their pockets, but would IN FACT cost them if it did pass, $29, 30,000.000 mil a year.
Keep waiting for your legislative process. You will get what you always got and what is that really, but a mouthful of promices of support but nothing AT ALL for the horse. They are killing them now as we speak.