Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rescuers Tell Us How to "Really" Help "The Movement"

And "we" are laughing out-loud! lol

From Kathy:

I target non -horse people and most can't believe it but the thing is to get them to do something. Its one thing to hear about but another to get people to act just like voting. I will fight for the horse until I am no more.
I have no time for horse people that believe in it and can be very stoned face when trying to save a horse even from the meat man. Which we did a few years ago. The beautiful boy was headed for Mexico. You can't make people have a heart and I know that. This past year I have taken 4 horses that people cared enough for to find them a home for when they couldn't keep them any more. I even had 1 person give me some hay along with the Horse they are all welcome to come back and visit them.


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From: Barbara
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 7:57 AM
Subject: How to REALLY help the anti-slaughter movement...

Protesting horse related events like Congress or the AQHA World show
is NOT going to do any good. Most horse people have already made up
their mind one way or another. Sure, have a booth, pass out some
fliers, whatever... But "protesting" is not going to work. It hasn't
in the past, it won't in the future.

If you want to actually change minds and get the message out there,
you need to target NON-horse people. THESE are the people who have no
idea that slaughter even exists. They thought the old "dog food" line
for a misbehaving or old horse was just a "saying." Most of the
general public thinks horses live out their lives in some sunny
pasture to die a peaceful death on a knoll. These people have no idea
how bad things can get, for slaughter bound horses and for horses
suffering from abuse and/or neglect. The occasional starving horse
they see on Animal Cops Huston is just a drop in the bucket.

So, if you want to demonstrate, hand our fliers, or talk to people who
might just listen, you need to find NON-horse venues. Post an ad in
your local paper. Encourage your student or students you know to do
speeches and papers on the horse slaughter issue. Find some receptive
college students and rally during campus events or just post fliers
around campus. Set up a booth at a big open rummage sale, antique
fair/mall, craft fair (get a girl scout troop to make some horse
related crafts to sell), or open outlet mall/fair. Ask your church if
you can submit an article talking about the horses and tying it
religion (how we are the keepers of the animals and what-not). Join
some message boards that interest you and strike up conversation on
the issue (try not to spam though, talk a bit before bringing it up),
groups like mothers, weight loss, knitting, painting, DIY, etc. Join
groups that are against dog/can abuse or a dog/cat rescue. If your
local humane society or animal rescue group is having a fundraiser,
see if they'll let you have a table or pass out information (that will
NOT compete for donations, information only).

Of course, all of this should be on hold until the next congressional
session begins, when we get new bills in the House and Senate. And
keep in mind that the economic and war issues are MUCH higher priority
for most people and politicians. Don't be disheartened. Just keep at
it, consistently and patiently. We won our first battles, all of the
US horse slaughter for human consumption plants are gone. If we keep
on working, we'll win the next battles too



Kathy, Barb;

You are so right, it is the un-informed that we need to target, and that is exactly what I "we" do when "we" protest in public - TO the public, but "we" do it right "under their industrial noses." It really irks them to see us educate the people right "in their face." Havent you read any of our "Demo Reports?" Go to the "Demo Report" page here to see what "we" are all about;
Doing these "in your face" public demonstrations (which, by the way, we call "public educational seminars," embarasses them for sure, we have seen it in their attitudes and even in their eyes which they cannot even look at us without turning their faces away. They Know we are right, and gaining support in public RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM puts great pressure on them to change their attitude and policies.
Do you really think public pressure and DEMANDS for change do not work? Go back in history.
We do all that you say, we educate the public AND set up information booths & pass out flyers while we are protesting and demanding in the industys face.Suprisingly, we have found our "one-person" demos to be very effective in gaining public support and embarassing the pro-slaughter "industrialites" into "right thinking and acting." We have even convinced some of the American Horse Counsil Members that it would be a good thing for them to take a vote on the slaughter issue by ALL members, to see who is for or against, some of them even promicing us to bring it up at the next meeting, and THAT indeed is progress. How can you say protests dont work when we really have never tried it as a UNITED FRONT and consistantly all together as a movement? Who has demonstrated and where and when? Except for a small group in Nevada that protested once or twice over the BLMs mismanagement of our wild horses, and a few small demos by the Anti-Fur Folk,.... I have heard nothing of any concerted effort to conduct continous actions,..so whereer or whoever it was you say "have tried it,".... wasent loud enough or consistant enough to do any good. It needs to be done continously and consistantly at all industry related events,...and CANNOT be a "once in awhile" type thing, ...we need to put the pressure on continously, until progress is made, policies are changed, breeding is controlled and alternatives to slaughter are utilized. We must demand & protest until the slaughter ends. Where are our "Mother Orgs" and our state (rescue) representatives? We need them to help us organize. We cannot do it without their help. It will take a UNITED effort and therein is the problem. We are an UnOrganized lot.
Demonstrations and protests DO work, if we can form a united front and "haunt them" whereever they go. It DOES NOT have to be done with great crowds of protesters. Even ONE person will do! They absolutely hate the PR we give them and always try to have us removed,....but the police always stick up for us. Isnt THAT a wonderful thing, just knowing that they hate for us to be their so much but there isnt a DAM thing they can do to remove us! Protest is a very important powerful tool that we should be utilizing. How could you NOT belive in the power of protest? Our country was founded upon dissent! Need I remind you, our founding fathers were revolutionaries, "revolting" against an oppressive system, and won their independance through continous and relentless protest, DEMANDS and dissent. Then there are the workers unions who protested and got workers rights. Then the womens movement, then the civil rights movment,...loud & continous protest also got us out of the Viet Nam war. I have to laugh when people say "protest dostnt work! You are here in this country standing on "free ground" thanks to the power of protest. Of course, the people have to want something bad enough to go about consistantly protesting and demanding. Guess most us just dont want to see an end to horse slaughter bad enough to do that. Thats why I say shame on us. As for the statement one of you made that there are "other, more important" things for Congress to address, I can oly say this: No wonder with attitudes like that we are getting nowhere fast. Surely you MUST know that in Congress, as far as bills go, it is the "squeaky wheel" that gets the grease. Perhaps we are not "squeeking" loud or stong enough,..for instance, right smak dab in the middle of the financial melt-down bail-out crisis, Congress did manage to pass a bill that would protect the monkey. Go look that up on "Thomas.Gov" and you will see. We arent making enough noise. We are letting them get away with the murder of our American horses and THEY FEEL we are OK with that cause no one is protesting or demanding an end to it NOW! Without this kind of GREAT pressure, you will never have your bills passed. The pro-slaughterers will stall it or kill it "in the end," like they always do. We aint waitin for no dam bill. We dont need to wait for no dam bill! The power is in US, the horses are depending upon US, not the politicians!
Listen to the so-true words of Fredrick Douglas; Do you think he was a fool? There are many other "great minds" that believe as he did also; why cant you?

"Those who profess to favor freedom, yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightening. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."

– Frederick Douglass, African-American abolitionist

Need I say more?


* “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brushfires in people’s minds.”
--Samuel Adams

* "The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress"
-F. Douglas


Anonymous said...

Yes, I was at the American Horse Council meeting and USDA/UHC in DC where you "educated" folks. Everyone thought you were a joke. One person walking back and forth with a bloody coat on chanting about eating meat. Nobody cared, they were all actually laughing at you out front. Sure, a few tourists did stop to listen, but it was because they were new to town and they were being polite.

You talked about going to the UHC meeting, but never even showed up at least while everyone was coming in and out of the event.

You should do us all a favor and not only leave the "movement" but stop blogging. No, I am not posting my name because you are mean which is why nobody wants to help you - friend or foe.

Josh said...

It is sad how you have to go to the uninformed to get your movement going. For people who know horses truly know how we need horse slaughter to be in the U.S.,by outlawing it in the United States you people have transfered it to another country where there absolutely no regulations. But thats what you people do stick your noses where it doesn't belong. Then if that weren't bad enough you have completely taken my livelyhood away from me, which is AQHA show horses, bec you have gone and wiped the ground floor away from the horse market. Oh by the way Now that people can't slaughter horses they are just turning them loose to run free bec. they are worth nothing and people can't afford to feed them. So a horse that is domesticated now has to learn to fend for itself. COME ON, WHO IS IT THAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING

Ravanne said...

Face facts folks... horse slaughter will not end until we have the law on our side. And despite what FOE is saying, working with the courts and with our legislators has given us some huge gains. The last three slaughterhouses for horses have been SHUT DOWN. No horse is being slaughtered for his meat inside the US. Unfortunately horses are still being exported and short of having people with guns at the boarder crossings to steal the horses, the only option we have is to get laws pass to prohibit this. That is what most equine rescue groups are working tirelessly for.

You mock other groups, but as I see it, they are the ones who actually have something to show for their efforts. They are working to educate the public, both inside and outside the horse-owning word about what slaughter realy entails and what their options are. There are numerous members of Congress and the Senate who have given us their support and have repeatedly voted on laws that benefit horses. There are those who physically rescue horses from being sold for slaughter and provide them with care while trying to find them good permanent homes. There are members of the horse racing community that have not only spoken out against slaughter, but like trainer Nick Zito are working at ending it. And there are many people who do not have the wherewithall to own a horse, but scrape together whatever money they can to send to equine sanctuaries to help horses that are victims of this cruel practice.

So in your opinion, we're all just spinning our wheels and don't give a damn about horses? The facts speak loudly otherwise.

CJ said...

Anonymous, If you were there as you claim and witnessed my "one-woman" campaign, did you not see the people (the public, I mean) EMBRACE me, hug me and shake my hand? Did you not see them coming up to me to ASK for some flyers? Did you NOT see me talking with some members of the ANC? Of course you would not know what was said but you can read it all on the "Demo Report" page of the Friends of Equines site;


WE DID make some great progress that day.

Also, if the "industrialites" from the AHC though that "our" demo was "a joke" not to be taken seriously, how come they called the DC Metro AND secret service to see if they could have me removed? Hummmm, I am thinking, there was a reason they didnt want me there. What do you think it could be? Could it be because the people (the public) LIKED us because we were telling the TRUTH about the industry? Me thinks so.

To those who blame the anti-slaughter camp for the bottom dropping out of your horse breeding business, your assertions are absurd. I think you did it to your self with the over-breeding. Remember American horses are still being slaughterd, only in numbers GREATER than before, so you still have the slaughter option. Your problems are economic, like everything else in this world. Get a grip. Nobody is buying horses as they cant afford the luxury. Besides, there are far too many "unwanteds" already and BREEDERS LIKE YOU ARE TO BLAME! Do you under stand "supply and demand?" There is no demand right now, smart businessmen would STOP production until demand is up. Get a bit of business accumen, SMARTEN UP & decrease your breeding, and you will be alright, eventually, either that, or find another way to make a living. LOTS of people are doing it these days because of the stinkin sinking economy; can you spell r-e-s-i-l-i-a-n-c-y?

CJ said...

Ravanne, what you say here;

And despite what FOE is saying, working with the courts and with our legislators has given us some huge gains

Need I remind you it was the GROUNDSWELL of opposition from the neighboring communities that PUSHED for, in fact DEMANDED the shutdowns. In Texas the laws were already in place and the people DEMANDED enforcement, in Illinois is was the neighbors crying "nuisance." It didnt happen on its own ---The people got what they wanted cause the united and DEMANDED RELENTLESSLY! "Movements" like that take UNITY & ORGANIZATION, ...something we all AINT GOT on a national level,...

CJ said...

Josh, I am not even going to address your claim of a "need" for horse slaughter. I am through wasting my time with (idiot) people like you.

Anonymous said...

This message is clearly to educate Josh He may not like the truth but its time he hears the truth and not lies that AQHA and other sellouts speak of. First AQHA to me is like the KKK they believe in a surpreme race the rest that is not sold can go to slaughter. By supporting slaughter you allow irresponsible people to keep on breeding without learning a lesson to responsiblity. The money is all that matters. Now The last plants in texas operated illegal for years which you dont care these plants hired and promoted illegals jobs while our taxes goes to border patrols to keep them out. These plants were paid by our tax dollars to pay for there inspections. These plants ignored laws and health Issues on a daily basics. These plants paid the SouthWestern Cattle assocation $3.00 per head slaughtered which went to a program to locate stolen horses which they never had any results or recoveries Just profits for them. These plants wasted and milked our judical systems trying to continue after years of operating illegal. They lied to the public about the horses they killed being to old or sick (NOT) Some horse owners feared the theft of there horses going to slaughter which has happen. Every Pro slaughter person is or was getting there palms greased to promote slaughter or allow it and turn the head. I have witness the killing of horses several times and its NOT humane nor or they sick or old. These foreign idiots make money by the pound. These issues also relate to me and my horses so before you rant your lips get the truth... by the way horse slaughter has been going on in mexico way before Texas plants were closed they have only increase the slaughter and you didnt know that did you.. or that they have here in the US and in mexico used double deckers which is also inhumane but you didnt know that either..

CJ said...

Ravanne, arent you reading the entire posts? I said it is NOT about rescue, I KNOW all the good and necessary work the rescues do! I DO NOT mean to take their achievements away, theirs OR the progress that the anti-slaughter camp has made,......what I am talking about is how to end THE SLAUGHTER FAST, and really has NOTHING to do with rescue....they are TWO seperate and distinct things. OF COURSE it is well to rescue the ones that we can while slaughter is still an option, but we are NOT talking about "individual" horses or rescues here,..we are talking ONLY about ENDING SLAUGHTER and removing that danger for them ALL as a species. My Rants these days are NOT about rescue. They are about our POWER, our ability ON OUR OWN, to END horse slaughter; if only we wanted it bad enough to unite, organize, and go out protesting and demanding UNTIL IT ENDS. We COULD do it, this I KNOW, if only,.....where are the Mother Orgs? If they wont help us organize, who will? What DO they do with all their money?

CJ said...

To Anonymous who said this,
".... you are mean which is why nobody wants to help you - friend or foe..."

I say this: It IS NOT about helping ME, it is all about helping THE HORSES.

I personally dont need anybody for anything, thank you very much,... and I have given up trying to motovate and/or UNITE & organize you all.....I have more productive things to do,....than to keep banging my head against the brick wall of narrow or closed minds.