Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Proof Positive Horse Slaughter Causes Cruelty, Neglect & Abuse

A Scathing Report from USDAs own files that should make clear to anyone with half-a-brain that the "equine slaughter pipleine" causes cruelty, neglect & abuse and/or perpetuates it BIG time.

Take a look at some of the 288 pages and pictures in this latest report in the link below, straight from the USDAs own records, thanks to a Freedom-of-Information Law Request (FOIL) by the wonderful folk at Animal Angels. There are dozens and dozens of pics documenting the cruelty, neglect & abuses of horse slaughter transport and feedlot and auction house cruelty. BE WARNED these are some of the most vivid & graphic pics of equine cxruelty you will ever see. Its shows horses with gaping cuts and wounds, some with their eyeball hanging out or no eye, some being forced to walk and/or stand on broken legs and twisted ankles and hooves, and some with no legs or feet at all.

Click link below to see Report;

The owners of these horses or the people responsible for their care should (have been or) be arrested. No animal should be made to suffer like this, for ANY reason, and the transport and the slaughter are NEVER humane.

Equine slaughter is a completely un-necessary evil and should be BANNED in this country IMMEDIATELY and the export of our American horses to other countries for human consumption must cease. Funny thing that, as Americans, we dont eat horses for moral or ethical reasons, but still, we have the "proud" distinction of being the WORLDS LARGEST exporter of horses for human consumption in other countries! How contradictory in terms is that? We dont eat horses but yet we are "ok" with sending them off to horrendous slaughter for other people to eat? If we are ok with feeding our nations horses to foreign countries, why not export our cats and our dogs over to Asia, China, Korea, Thailand, etc. There is a BIG market for their meat over there. Think of the money to be made! See how rediclous the notion is? Americans dont eat our cats or dogs or horses and therefore we shouldnt be ok with exporting them for foreigners to consume.

When people ask me what is the difference between slaughtering a horse or a cow or a sheep or a pig or a chicken, I tell them this:
There is but one distinction that the equine has over all other "traditional" food chain animals and that is this: The USDA maintains an offical list of acceptable "food chain" animals and the equine IS NOT on that list. My point and my argument is that we should keep it that way.

Please help us to end horse slaughter in America. Call or write your Congressmen and Senators and tell them to support anti-horse slaugher legislation, and why. Send them a link to the Animal Angels Report in the link above, and remember to support Animal Angels. A more pro-active anti-horse slaughter and cruelty group you will never find, and well deserving of your tax-deductible donations. Tell them MuleKist sent you!


CJ/MK, Founder,
Wild Horse Warriors
"Fighting for their lives, their land and their water"

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