Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Friends of Equines" Say Goodbye to Anti-Slaughter "Non-Movement"

Hangin their heads in shame for YOU all who profess to "love the horses" and would do "anything" to see their slaughter end, FOES say Goodbye, Good Riddance & Thanks for Nothin from the horses (Oh, they are "horse wisperers," too, dont you know?) Calls anti-slaughter "movement" a bunch of sorry,
dispassionate, lazy, cowardly sops:

"Movement" a Misnomer for Anti-Horse Slaughter Camp: No REAL Warriors
to be found; Horse-Loving Camp "wont budge" from comfort zones to
engage in demos; fear of "Peta" stigmatation overides,....dont you know that fear can be corrected with a simple sign that says:


"The fate of animals is of greater importance to me
than the fear of appearing ridiculous;
- Emile Zola (1840-1902)

Readers Take Note: If this blurb makes you mad, please dont come
flying back flaming at me. Consider that this "nasy goodby" is not
meant for everyone. I realize that there ARE people out there unable
to physically go out and demonstrate and protest all over the place,
and I realize that some of us have family obligations that over-
ride "the cause,"...I also realize that there are those of us amongst
us who ARE able to travel and/or go about, or to organize something
locally, also our anger is directed mainly at the Mother Orgs., whom
we have been asking for help with UNITING US for years, I humbly
ask that when reading this, you consider the above, and determine
for yourself and conclude,...."If the shoe fits, wear it, if it dont
apply then let it fly...."

Thank you.

No "Friends of Equines" for OK Demos?

No Support for Petition that Would REALLY Help Horses

No Help from "The Mother Orgs."

"To stand and do nothing when we should be protesting makes cowards
of us" - A. Lincoln

CJ/MK, Founder
"Friends of Equines FOES of Equine Slaughter"
"Because WE Care Enough to Give Our ALL"

PLEASE NOTE: This is the last we will be posting to any groups except
for our own. We have had it with hypocrite types, and we dont care to
hear about "all you are doing" for the cause, it is what you are NOT
doing that matters....a sorrier bunch of "half-steppers" we never
knew! Good ridance to you all. See U "in the news" cause we are most
certainly going to write about this "movement" whos members
professes to "care so much" about the horses but who refuse to go
that extra mile and "move" for some nationwide demonstrations and
protests. Horses are dying everyday. How long are you gonna wait?
Some dedication! With "Friends" like you, the horses dont
need enemies! By NOT protesting we are in effect condoning their slaughter! For shame on you all for not caring enough to go all
the way for them. You will never end it the "polite" way.....just keep
waiting and maybe in a few more years from now you will come to realize the truth,....but by that time they will have new horse-slaughter plants built all across the USA. You will
never get your bills passed therefore never end the slaughter. There will always be the pro-slaughter
opposition to kill your bills at the very last minute. They will just keep killing your bills year after year just like they are killing our
horses,...and you all are "ok" with that? Sorry but "we" are not!
We do not put all of our faith & trust in politicians. The horses
depend upon US, not the politicians. Again we ask, what are you
waiting for? We have the power to stop horse slaughter in its tracks
right now....if only you would believe,..its all up to US, NOT the
politicians. So what R U gonna do? Same old same old or try something
new? Anyways, we are through with you. "Friends of Equines" wont be
bothering with you all again. We are not about wasting energy on lost
causes such as your selfish selves apparently are. Too bad for the
horses. They need some REAL fighters on their side, and we dont mean
to fight the paper wars; their are plenty of so-called "warriors"
doing that. They have been doing it for years and look how far they
have come (not.) Your "successes" are an illusion, a creation of
"DC legerdemain." The politicans will say anything to keep you happy and to keep your vote, knowing the bill will be defeated, and we are putting all our faith in this, the promices of politicians? We dont think so. NOW is the time for some REAL action. How long we ask, before you all come to your senses and see the TRUTH of the matter here? How many more horses will go to slaughter while we stand around "thinking about it, not doing anything but asking our politicians "pretty please" to pass our bills. The absurdity of it all!


Mari said...

This post is an excellent example of misdirected anger. It should have been written to all those in DC who have prevented this bill from coming to the senate floor, for a vote.

As long as we have deceitful, pro-slaughter politicians who have the power to delay or destroy the anti-slaughter bill, we, as citizens, are not to be blamed for lack of diligence in ending horse slaughter.

This post tells me FOE is giving up the fight. Too sad, too bad!

CJ said...

There is a name for those types of dirty trickster politicians. They are a breed onto themselves. They are called "pirate" politicians because they are particularly cunning when it comes to dirty tricks and things like stalling and killing bills seemingly "out of nowhere." Thats why they call them "pirates" they come out of nowhere generally at the very last minute when it appears the opposition is gaining ground and might actually pose a threat to them. That gives them the signal to take some "dirty trickster" type action that would stall or kill the bill. If not, they would lose special interest money & votes. Two examples of "pirate" politicians are Goodlatte and Larry Craig. Of course, there are more, but not many,....there dosent need to be. Remember what ex-Rep. John Sweeny said,in his "Politics of Horse Slaughter' interview a decade or so ago? He said, in so many words, it doesnt matter how popular a bill may be, "it only takes ONE "pirate" to kill it. That is why FOES is so anxious to commence the fight "on all fronts," - they do not believe in waiting on politicians to give them what they want. They know there are other ways to go about it,...very powerful ways,if only people would believe and empower themselves to do it. We DO have the power to change things, and fast,...but it takes a UNITED FRONT. There is no unity or organization in the anti-slaughter camp. The "movement" isnt moving. Everyone seems to be off doing their own thing & the slaughter keeps right on going. We will NEVER put an end to horse slaughter if we dont get our shit together and put some pressure on the PsTB!

As far as FOES giving up the fight? Never happen! The only thing "FOES" has given up is trying to organize people for a series of Nationwide "Industry Accountability" Campaigns all across the USA, at every industry event, if possible. Sadly, "FOES" has had to cancell that endeavor due to lack of interest and they are are tired of beating their head against that wall. Can you blame them? "They" have only one head between them! However, aint nothin much otherwise changed with FOES. Aint nothing gonna deter them in their fight to make a better world for all animals anytime anywhere anyplace, particularly the equines, particularly the wild ones - particularly now.