Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Former Judiciary Counselor Joins Pro-Slaughter Lobby Firm

The group — the Meat Promotion Coalition — has hired a lobbying firm that specializes in agricultural issues to make their case on Capitol Hill;

Cargill, Tyson Food, the National Cattlemen’s Association and the National Pork Producers Council are among the nine members of the new coalition, which hired the firm Lesher & Russell.

Bush Appoints over 100 lobbiests as industry regulators

Charles Lambert

A USDA official and former lobbyist for the meat industry.


Ed Barron, Former Deputy Chief Counsel of the Senate Judiciary Committee

joins (meat-industry)agricultural lobbying firm of Lesher & Russell* !!!!
And we thought we's be "safe" in the judiciary!

(*Lesher & Russell is the lobbying firm for the meat-industry that
has been blocking all of our anti-horse slaughter efforts)


The longtime all-Republican agriculture lobbying firm of Lesher &
Russell, which currently has six lobbyists and clients such as
Altria, Pepsi and the United Fresh Produce Association, is hiring
away 20-year Hill veteran Ed Barron from the Air Transport

The firm will be renamed Lesher, Russell & Barron.

"We definitely wanted to hire someone who was a Democrat and who had
strong Democratic ties," Randy Russell said.

Barron, who most recently served as deputy chief counsel of the
Senate Judiciary Committee under Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), will
join the firm in January just as his one-year lobbying ban is up.

Besides beefing up on their Democratic bonafides, the move also was a
look to the future for the firm.

"Bill [Lesher] and I have known each other friends 30 years. We've
been in business together almost 22 years, obviously we have to
prepare for the future," Russell said. "From this perspective we
thought it was very good to bring in somebody in a transition period
where they'd have an opportunity to work with our clients on a day-to-
day basis."

No wonder we cant win!

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The "Revolving Door" Syndrome or;
"When Advocates Become Regulators" and vice-versa


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