Sunday, September 14, 2008

NTRA Joins Fight Against Horse Slaughter 2003

Click title above to read full article; NTRA Supports Anti-Horse Slaughter legislation, dated 12/12/03 - so, er, ah, we have to ask ourselves, five years later - how come the NTRA still allows owners to sell their "unwanted" horses to meat-market auctions or slaughter-houses? If the NTRA is REALLY against racehorse slaughter, the organization "dont need no stinkin' bill" to stop the slaughter of racehorses,......they have merely to "put out the word" against the dispicable practice, like good Sam Elliot, VP of Suffolk Downs. So NTRA, what are you waiting for,....tell your people "NO" to racehorse slaughter or suffer the consequences of banishment from the sport.

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