Friday, September 19, 2008

Zito Racing @ Suffolk Downs in Show of Solidarity

Trainer Nick Zito is running his horse "Commentator" at Suffolk Downs in a show of solidarity for the anti-racehorse slaughter campaign. As you may know, Sam Elliott, VP of Racing at Suffolk has "set the pace" for all others by coming down off of the "neutrality fence" in regards to the issue of race-horse slaughter. Mr. Elliot suprized the racing world by prohibiting any race horse from going to slaughter from his track, and in fact has warned that any owners or trainers occupying stalls at his track will be permanently banned if caught sending their horses to slaughter. Nick Zitto has been a stanch anti-horse slaughter advocate for quite a long time and is visitng Suffolk to "show respect" and solidarity for the position Mr Sam Elliot has taken. Zito says he knows of no other tracks that have "gone so far" as Suffolk in attempting to stop racehorse slaughter, but says he thinks others will join, adding that he "thinks" New York racetracks are against it (race-horse slaughter.) Well we certainly hope so Nick! Keep up the good work for the horses and tell Good Sam Elliott we all say "hey" and thanks for startin' it off.....

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