Saturday, September 6, 2008

Have Your Say with the NTRA Today

I have sent the following blurb to all the participants in the upcoming NTRA "Marketing Convention" in Las Vegas on Sept 21-22. Dont miss this opportunity to have your voices heard. The question is, what can the TB racing industry do to expand it fan base? You can find their contact info inside the petition by clicking onto the title at the top of this post;

Dear John, Dana, Jessica, Patrick, Troy, and Kevin;

Here are some things you should know and consider about the horse racing industry before you go to the NTRA "Marketability" Convention in Vegas on Sept 21-22; Seems like the best thing they could do to improve their image and expand their fan base is at least act like they care about the horses, particularly the ones that are no longer profitable for them. Their callous indifference is the main reason they are losing fans...most fans of horse-racing are (or were) big fans of horses also;

No More Meat-Man at Mountaineer Track

Trainer of the Year Runs Horse to Death

Horse-Killer Has Secret Pact with Racehorse Owners

TB Racing Commission Says NO to TB Rescues

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Friends of Equines FOES of Equine Slaughter


The Horse Racing Hall of Shame

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