Thursday, September 4, 2008

Horse Slaughter Hides Abuse & Rewards It!

Horse Slaughter does not help prevent abuse and encourages it...and HIDES it!

When we save horses from slaughter we know we are saving them from a cruel and horrible end. For the most part the horses we save are in good flesh, good ages, trained and able to be ridden. But every so often, we will rescue horses that are severely neglected. Sometimes it is very obvious and the horses need to be euthanized immediately. But sometimes, the months and even years of neglect are masked. It is a PROVEN fact that when the slaughter houses were closed in the state of Texas and California the abuse and neglect rates went down.

We repeatedly hear the pro-slaughter people say: If there were no horse slaughter, there would be more abuse and neglect of horses. Well, I am confident these people have not been to the kill auctions lately, because THE AUCTIONS are where the abused and neglected horses are…. And no one knows this fact… because no one wants to go to a kill auction, nor do the kill

auctions make it easy for the private buyers. The neglected and abused horses are brought there, go through the auction, and almost always bought by a killbuyer and then shipped to slaughter. No one knew their names, no one saw these horses, no one knew the neglect and abuse that happened to these horses… and no one will remember them the Monday following the auction… because no one cared enough… THAT my friends is what horse slaughter is promoting! This allows anonymity to the people who have committed the crimes of abuse and neglect against these horses (punishable by law). They have withheld the proper feed and water, they have worked them to within inches of their lives and have not provided them with proper medical care… So, not only does horse slaughter provide anonymity to these people who neglect their horses, but they actually reward them for it. They are not arrested, they are not fined, they do not face any charges… no accountability! They receive a check for their horse when he or she is sold to slaughter, and receive money as a “reward” for the horrible, cruel way they have treated their animals…
Is this acceptable in our country?

We have saved many horses from slaughter that needed to be put down because of neglect and abuse. We have also saved many horses that we are able to rehab. We cannot report the owners of these horses because we do not know the names….anonymity. They are protected by the auction that will not give us a name. Case in point…. Billy Boy is a four-year-old Belgian who is fighting for his life. At first we thought Billy was starved, but every time we cross one hurdle with him medically, another one faces us. Now Billy is fighting for his life because he was severely abused and neglected, then sent to the kill auction. Billy was hurt and proper medical care was withheld from him. Billy could no longer work because of his poor condition, so he was starved… And when Billy could not longer walk, he was brought to the kill auction to ship to slaughter. His owner who hurt him and committed these punishable crimes received a check as a reward for the lack of care that he gave Billy…. This time however, it was not from the kill buyer, this time the check came from us, a rescue. We will now face thousands of dollars in medical bills, but his owner got a check so he can now go buy another horse and commit the same acts of cruelty against that horse. This is what horse slaughter does… hides the crime. Horse Slaughter in our country aids and abets the people who commit animal cruelty crimes. Horse Slaughter does not help prevent the abuse and neglect to the horses of our country… it encourages it and wraps it up in its’ blanket of “dirty little secrets” in this country. To read more about Billy and his battle to live or to donate to his medical treatment you can visit:

The Triumph Project – Victoria McCullough of the Davis-McCullough Foundation founded the Triumph Project as an awareness campaign to enlighten the world through unified efforts, both in the United States as well as abroad, of the betrayal of our equine ally. Throughout history, horses have served us by escorting us to battle, tilling our fields, drawing our carriages, and enriching our lives as our companions and friends

Pure Thoughts Inc. - is an all-volunteer 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of horses, yearlings and foals that were intended to go to slaughter for human consumption. These horses would have been brutally tortured and slaughtered. Pure Thoughts Inc. Horse & Foal Rescue also rescues horses from starvation, abuse and neglect, any horse in need. To date, over 1150 innocent equines have been saved and we will continue to fight for the horses. We cannot do this alone...we need your help!! Please help us and others save these beautiful animals and please remember in your thoughts the ones we were unable to reach.

Click title above for full article with pics by Jennifer Swanson of Pure Thoughts Rescue.

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It would be great to educate people and explain that breeding isn't for everyone. Because of the excessive amounts of breeding 93% of the 100,000 horses being slaughtered every year are perfectly healthy, but the truth is the United States is over populated with Equine animals.