Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Friends of Equines "Laying Odds" on Bill

Well word is going around that our "Anti-horse slaughter bill" (HR 6598) is going up for a vote in Congress on Sept 10th. While this is wonderful news, "Friends of Equines FOES of Equine Slaughter" have grave doubts as to whether or not this bill will pass. Although polls have consistantly shown that most Americans are against horse slaughter and there is much support in congress for this bill, the opposing forces (lobbiest) carry alot of weight with certain legislators. There have been other similar bills "on the table" that would end horse slaughter that have been effectivly defeated or stagnated. Friends of Equines is thinking why should this bill be any different? The opposition is still the same (small but influential)Friends of Equines will be suprised if this bill even makes it to a vote on Sept 10 or any day thereafter.....Friends of Equines is predicting this bill too will fail. They are laying odds of 10 to 1 against its passing, of course, that is 10 donuts to one dollar. Any takers?

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