Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TB Racing Task-Force Plans "Celeb-Tapping" as Marketing Tool

We have just got to get to these named celebs first (below) with our emails, faxes, phone calls and petitions, letting these celebs know "the real deal," behind the scenes; Maybe we can recruit them over to our side, lets invite them aboard for a ride on the anti-horse slaughter train!

Below is an excerpt from the NTRA Sept 08' Marketing Task Force Summit, where they talk about their "celeb-tapping" ideas to.....

Change the Visual Image of the people who wager on horses: Charity-capping on TV: There are
several high profile attractive young Hollywood types that are racing fans and players, Terri Hatcher
of Desperate Housewives, Adrian Grenier of Entourage and Christina Ricci of Speed Racer to name a
few. Show accessible, relatable celebrities (including racing celebrities such as the Hennegan

Click title above for full Marketing Summit Report;

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